CO2 & N2O Cryogenic Storage

Product Description

Specifically designed for Carbon dioxide (CO2) & Nitrous oxide (N2O) storage, Cryogenic bulk storage tanks RCV (Carbon-steel) & RCI (Stainless steel) combine maximum holding time with minimum operating costs.

Tanks adapted to customer’s needs

With a design pressure of 22bar and capacities between 3,000L to 63,000L, RCV & RCI tanks are PED or ASME compliant depending on customer’s specifications. Support legs are calculated to resist to high winds & earthquakes.

RCV & RCI tanks are specifically designed to CO2 & N2O storage, combining holding time with minimized evaporation and pressure variations.

Ressources : 

RCV – CO₂ Tank – Carbon Steel

RCIA – ASME CO₂ Tank 22b- Stainless Steel

RCI – CO₂ Tank – Stainless Steel