Servifil 503S

5967.70 HT

Servifil is the series of the three-phase generators, step controlled, for semi-automatic welding (MIG/MAG), equipped with separate 4 roll wire feeder.

Price of machine with WF 10m, cooling unit and gas regulator.

Product Description

Data sheet : SERVIFIL 503 S

Input Voltage (3ph) 230/400V 50/60Hz
Power 60% 19 KW
Uo 17 ÷ 43 V
Amp. Min-max 30 ÷ 400 A
Amp. 60974-1 60% 400 A
100% 310 A
Adjust. Pos. 24
Steel 0,6 ÷ 1,6 Ø mm
Stainless Steel 0,8 ÷ 1,2 Ø mm
Aluminium 0,8 ÷ 1,6 Ø mm
Insulation H
Protec. Degree IP23S
Dimens. (L*W*H) 1000x555x1340 mm
Box (L*W*H) Generator 1070x475x870 mm
Wire feeder 685x290x485 mm
Weight box/net 192 / 174,6 Kg
Code S110235000
Wire Feeder AIR only S110235003
Wire Feeder Air & Water S110235004
Wire Feeder Water only S110235005
COOLER S110235374
Harn. 10m – Air – 35mm²
Harn. 10m – Air – 50mm² S110234891
Harn. 10m – Air – 70mm² S110234893
Harn. 10m – Wat. – 70mm² S110234898
Harn. 10m – Wat. – 95mm² S110234896

The servifil series is a product that is perfectly suitable for light and middle industrial fabrication.

The generators are available as gas cooled units in their standard version, which employs as standard the appropriate gas cooled torch and as an optional it is possible to supply the units with external cooling unit; this gives the Servifil a compact construction without loss of efficiency.